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June 20, 2022

The Canadian Associate Degree Handbook

Picking a program and field of study is a critical and often frightening choice. When multiple changes present themselves, you may find that you are in a predicament where you are unclear about which road to take meets your needs. You may also discover yourself inclined to one field of study over another.

Associate degrees, like undergraduate degrees, are typically two-year programs that focus on a certain subject of study. Associate degrees are more specific technical or vocational courses. Aside from that, students might choose to take a broad study course throughout the program. An associate degree candidate can earn transferable institution credits if he or she plans to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the future.

In addition, students can continue at their own pace via associate degrees, which is not available while taking an undergraduate course. Part-time education that requires more time to finish is also an option for working students.

The Associate Degree Canada program aims to provide individuals with the core technical and disciplinary knowledge they require. Associate degrees in Canada are popular among overseas students because they provide a three-year post-graduate work visa.

Associate Degree Varieties

Any individual seeking an associate degree can select from four sorts of associate degrees based on their subject of interest. Unless otherwise noted by the university, an associate degree typically consists of 60 credit hours.

1. Arts Associate (A.A.)

Students that study liberal arts courses that focus on written, analytical, and computing abilities, such as humanities and history, behavioral sciences, technology and math, cinematography, multimedia, and language, are awarded this degree.

2. Science Associate (A.S.)

This degree comprises studies in the domains of Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science, as well as practical applications of science.

3. Applied Business Associate (A.A.B.)

This degree encompasses all market and commercial operation functions such as sales, promotion, operation, supervision, strategy, and logistics.

4. Applied Science Associate (A.A.S.)

This degree covers courses related to various job domains as well as the application of scientific and ethnocentric studies in their field. This degree combines communication, sciences, social studies, cyber operations, architecture, and other subjects, with a strong emphasis on practical applications in the actual world.

Students enrolling for an associate degree in Canada must complete the following qualifying criterion:

1. Students must have finished the 12th grade or its equivalent.
2. Evidence of English competence, such as IELTS or TOEFL results, or the equivalent.
3. You must be at least 18 years old.

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