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GRE Coaching Overview

It is a standardized test that is required for entrance to most graduate institutions in the United States. GRE scores are required for admission to almost all graduate programs in the United States.

There are two versions of the GRE Test: The GRE General version and the GRE Subject Version.

The GRE General version, is a computer based test which access knowledge in analytical writing, verbal reasoning, quantitative resoning and either an experimental or research.

There are seven GRE Subject Tests in addition to the General version that assess knowledge in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology.

Thousands of graduate schools, law schools, business schools, and fellowship sponsors accept the GRE General Test.

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  • The GRE is needed for entrance to the majority of graduate school programs.
  • Except for law school and medical school.
  • The results are evaluated with the remainder of a student's graduate school application.
  • This includes their undergrad GPA, instructor references, and work history.
  • Need expertise help, wherever you in the world.

Grind Yourself for GRE


The godfather of them all, polishing your math concepts with E Planet is the key here since many topics from high-school levels math will be chosen.

Analytical Writing

Your writing skills will be put to test and E Planet will help you gather as much info as possible to excel in the said sector.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal thinking exam assesses your ability to synthesize data from written paragraphs, recognize word-to-word linkages.

Mental Ability

Even with all subjects covered, it’s hard to ace the exam. E Planet will make you mentally ready for the big day!

GRE Preparation Structure

GRE preparation does not have to be a full-time job. However, you cannot properly prepare overnight. It takes perseverance, hard effort, and a focus on your deficiencies. E Planet will organize everything for you.

Coaching Time

Proper coaching & preparation for your success.


Correct utilization of your progress.


Gain success and march ahead to another level.